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Swimming pool heat pumps
Swimming pool dehumidifiers
DRY Siren pool dehumidifier
Industrial dehumidifiers
Museum dehumidifiers
Microclimate protection
Qmax Tester

Our product range

Microwell | Swimming pool heat pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps

Designed on the principle of renewable energy source, Microwell heat pumps are designed for highly efficient pool water conditioning.

Microwell | Swimming pool dehumidifiers

Swimming pool dehumidifiers

Operating on the condensation principle, DRY swimming pool dehumidifiers are advanced and visually attractive solution for an effective humidity control.

Microwell | DRY Siren pool dehumidifier

DRY Siren pool dehumidifier

Innovative swimming pool dehumidifier with modern features, low energy consumption and internet control. Designed to control humidity in swimming pools.

Microwell | Industrial dehumidifiers

Industrial dehumidifiers

Suitable for use in various environments, industrial dehumidifiers series T40 to TE120 are robust and durable, yet very easy to handle and move around.

Microwell | Museum dehumidifiers

Museum dehumidifiers

Compactly designed DRY GALLERY museum dehumidifiers deliver reduced vibration and noise operation especially for closed exhibition environment.

Microwell | Microclimate protection

Microclimate protection

Intelligent pool protection technology microLIGHT+ detects and monitors the level of relative humidity present in the air by using multi-LED light system.

Microwell | Qmax Tester

Qmax Tester

Completely portable Qmax Tester is a unique device for measurement and optimisation of heat pump‘s performance, ready to assist pool specialists on site.

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Microwell technological advantage


Higher performance

Leading technology

Based on review done in 2016 and ISO17025 lab testing of products by various manufacturers across all models, Microwell devices came on top, outperforming the others by up to 30%. Our machines are better, more powerful and of higher quality.

Smarter functionality

Inspired by the pace of progress, all Microwell products are continuously evolving to reach the full potential of ultimate usability, intuitive operation, feature sophistication and compliance to all the most challenging demands and expectations.

Appealing design

Microwell product design is recognized in more than 30 countries globally. Over the years products have been awarded with several prizes. Thanks to wide make & finish options our products can blend in, stand out or perfectly fit in any environment.

Greater product range

Based on close relationship with customers, Microwell provides functionality and benefits that consumers desire throughout matchless selection of products, their make, design and accessory options. There is no pool or customer that could not be served by a Microwell product.


Lower energy consumption

Higher money saving

Thanks to outstanding design, leading technology and up-to-date concepts, Microwell products achieve up to 36% lower energy consumption than the others. Our product saves you money every day and helps to keep your bill under control.

"We conceive new possibilities,
shape new technologies,
and make our products forerunners."

Ing. Tibor Kovács


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Our awards

Product of the year 2017 - 2017 | Microwell

Product of the year 2017

Slovakia 2017

Luxury design 2017 - 2017 | Microwell

Luxury design 2017

Slovakia 2017

Low energy consumption 2017 - 2017 | Microwell

Low energy consumption 2017

Slovakia 2017

Product of the year 2014 - 2014 | Microwell

Product of the year 2014

Slovakia 2014

Product of the year 2014 - 2014 | Microwell

Product of the year 2014

Slovakia 2014

Product of the year 2013 - 2013 | Microwell

Product of the year 2013

Slovakia 2013

Product of the year 2005 - 2005 | Microwell

Product of the year 2005

Slovakia 2005